WoW Children & Water

As part of The Web of Water project, children in schools were encouraged to participate in activities which allowed them to create artworks based on water. The artworks created were displayed at the exhibition at Deda on the 27th September 2014.

Participants were encouraged to discover and research their local architectural and cultural heritage related to water, through accessing the materials available as well as in the school library or the Internet to initiate a debate on the need for heritage conservation. Such discussions encouraged the young generation in wanting to know more about their own roots, helping them understand their relation to their immediate neighbourhoods,  regions, countries, etc.

Artcore worked with selected schools/youth groups from Feb 2014: delivering structured creative sessions through talks, presentations, demonstrations, activities for idea generation.

We delivered workshops in schools from both Nottingham and Derby to create awareness and understanding of the importance of water.

–          Derby Moor (Derby)                                    – Sycamore Academy (Nottingham)

–          City of Derby (Derby)                                  – Seeley Primary (Nottingham)

–          Village Primary (Derby)

–          NCS (Derby)