“I went to all invites except when away. I enjoyed participating in the launches, talks and networking.”

“I have not previously entered into such a wide collaboration, or fulfilled a specific commission, which made me realise my work actually encompasses wider issues than I had imagined. I expect this experience will widen the scope of my subject.”

Participating Artist, Dianne Illsley


” I made use of the opportunities that I could throughout the project. These included going to the WoW workshop at Artcore last December when the project was first presented to the artists.”

“I am proud to think that this work is now going to be shown in India, giving me the opportunity to become an international artist.”

Participating Artist, Janet Turville


“I attended the launch which included an artist talk and networking/lunch event with other artists and the local community at the ICCA. I also attended the final exhibition celebration event at Deda.”

“I was able to learn more about a particular area of conservation, through developing a portfolio of research to inform the artwork.”

Participating Artist, Lucy Stevens


“Fascinating approaches to water from looking at it as a commercial commodity to a natural, social resource. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put on this exhibition.”

Mark Wilde


“Great exhibition. Really highlights the various issues about water.”

Rowah Binch


“Loved the exhibition and it was so interesting and educating to listen to the artists talking about their work, would love to have heard from some of the Indian artists about their work and the inspiration and background to it. Also so good to have an event within the community so that little travelling involved. More of the same please.”

Sheila Read


“Enjoyed the exhibition and loved the artist’s talk. Very interesting differences between the artists view/idea of how they approached “water”. Exhibitions like this should be put on much more often, they encourage important discussions about diverse culture and practices and what we can learn about each other/ share with each other.”

Christa Lundy


“Really wonderful, really pleased to see the exhibition looks fantastic, all staffs and volunteersare very nice and helpful. I love the artwork, shows a lot of work has been done. Thanks.”

Hannah Hussain


“Wonderful industry and extremely thought provoking ‘taking a simple everyday ‘object’ water and turning it into art’. Very impressive.”

Vienna Josh


“Thank you for a lovely exhibition which focuses on a very basic, but very important need for us all to connect with water. Good  to see the different ways each artist communicates their art and feelings for this subject.”

Edwina Cheadle


“This exhibition is both thought provoking and emotionally connecting with water, to have in the UK, but significantly taking my attention out of the UK into the immediate importance of water in India and elsewhere. The use of story gives a deeper link to the heart and the use of varied media and opposites makes for a compelling journey.”