School Workshop at Derby Moor Community Sports College

On Friday the 4th April, Artcore delivered a workshop at Derby Moor Community Sports College to get year 7’s and 8’s involved with our Web of Water Project.

Thirteen kids were hand-picked by the teachers to join us and come up with a water related idea about the use and misuse of water, its critical importance on Earth, and how they see and relate to water. After the briefing, we asked them to create a piece of work inspired by Graphic Novels – books made up of comic content, posters and story-boards.

We also kept the workshop educational as well as artistic by providing facts about water. Each child came up with a background story for their work. One story a child came up with was the Earth drying out and having no water to cry tears, and another child came up with the idea that the oceans are disappearing.

The workshop was a great success, and the kids really enjoyed getting involved with the project and getting the opportunity to use paints and create a piece of work they could be proud of.
We’d like to thank Derby Moor for taking part in our Web of Water project, and we would love to see the students take part in projects with us again in the near future.

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