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‘The Web of Water’, explores the theme of water, why it is critical to life on earth, its use and misuse. It has various strands and engagement levels through community participation, historical exploration, artistic practice and environmental discussion. On the heritage side, we will examine traditional architectural water structures and the heritage of ‘Well-Dressing’ still practised in Derbyshire today. Through activities, we intend to create awareness about this regional tradition and rituals and customs related to water, amongst younger generations and the diverse communities residing in Derbyshire. Project activities include visits to Well-dressing sites, talks and presentations, and demonstrations by Derbyshire residents. Participatory activities including researching, capturing and recording popular legends , through creative and innovative ways like writing poems and stories about them. We hope to create an informed group of community who understand the larger issues of water availability in today’s world, but also become sensitised to the heritage of water structures in our own regions, how clean water was valued and how architectural structures came to be built around these. Some may even keep the tradition alive by continuing the practices and traditions themselves and the different means to capture these stories.

This heritage strand includes opportunities for involvement for all ages and abilities. This includes talks, presentations, demonstrations, visits and tours to places of interest, research sessions, volunteering projects, creative participatory workshops, celebration events and much more.

The Web Of Water Big Show

As of the project, a sculptural installation was created as a representation of river ways and waterfalls. The collaborative sculpture was a part of the Web of Water project, using fabric and wire to display the free flowing and destructive qualities of water. Artist Heidi Luker has worked on this sculpture…

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Art In The Park – Caxton

Artcore organised an event in the Caxton park on the 29th August 2014 As part of “The Web of Water” project, the local community was invited to come and share their views on water with Artcore and receive information about the cultural heritage of water.

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Art In The Park – Normanton

Artcore organised an event in the Normanton park on the 26th August 2014 Byron park was the celebration of the art in the park section of the web of water project. Family friendly activities were hosted by Artcore, using materials and art mediums such as textiles, paints, fabric paints, block…

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Art In The Park – Byron

Artcore organised an event in the Byron park on the 19th August 2014 As part of “The Web of Water” project, Artcore provided fun activities for the local community to get involved with, sharing their thoughts and ideas around water. Artworks created by the public on this event will be…

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Volunteer In The Community

‘Volunteers in the Community’ – a strand of the Web of Water, started on the 4th November 2013 with young people from the National Citizen Service going into the community to record oral history on the theme of water. Oral history is the recording of people’s memories, experiences and opinions…

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Art In The Park – Arboretum

Artcore organised an event in the Arboretum park Derby on the 14th August 2014 As part of “The Web of Water” project, volunteers and members of the community were all invited and encouraged to share their thoughts and views about water, using various materials provided such as fabric, textile paint,…

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An Indian Summer

On the 28th and 29th of June, We attended the cultural festivities as part of An Indian Summer, in Leicester. As a part of the Web of Water project participants were encouraged to make blocks related to water life and then print on fabrics which will then be made in…

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Well Dressing Activity

On Saturday 21st June, as a part of the Web of Water activity, Artcore organised a community engagement Well Dressing activity, an opportunity to learn and understand this age-old custom that is so unique to the Derbyshire area. Participants were proud and enjoyed to create their floral master pieces. To…

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Visit to Carsington water trip

On the 31st of May 2014 as part of the web of water project, Artcore visited Carsington Water with members from the local community in Derby. Carsington Water is a water reservoir site run by Severn Trent Water. The members also attended the launch of the artists’ exhibition for the…

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Well Dressing Trip to Etwall

As part of The Web of Water project on the 17th of May, Artcore organised a trip to the annual well-dressing event in Etwall, where residents from the divers communities of Derby went along to explore and understand the tradition of Derbyshire: Well Dressings. The local communities from Etwall came…

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