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‘Children and Water’ The Education Component in the Web of Water project

This section includes delivery of educational packages in schools and youth groups in Derby City and Derbyshire, which supports the furtherance of education or academic research.
The Web of Water project has three significant elements that respond to several broad educational inputs for school-children and young persons.
These are:
a) The appreciation of local heritage and cultural practices related to water, its use and conservation
b) the appreciation of Water, its life-empowering possibilities, its pollution and the environmental hazards
c) researching stories, myths and legends associated with water and wells, and transforming those narratives into evocative visual artworks

Participants will be encouraged to discover and research their local architectural and environmental (tangible) and cultural (intangible) heritage related to water, through accessing the materials available as well as in the school library or the Internet, highlighting various factual data to initiate a debate on the need for heritage conservation, the meaning of cultural/ritualistic practices, their importance, and the need to revive and celebrate them. Such discussions will, stir the young generation in wanting to know more about their own roots, helping them understand their relation to their immediate neighbourhoods, regions, countries.
The project breakdown is as follows:
• Work with different schools/youth groups from Feb 2014: delivering structured creative sessions, talks, presentations, demonstrations, activities for idea generation, exploration and research
• Young people, will create artworks on the theme in a range of mediums such as: graphic novels, paintings and drawings, photography, films. These sessions will be delivered by professional artists and session leaders
• Inter-school exhibitions in 2014: the outcomes from each of the educational creative sessions will be put together to form a larger exhibition, which will then be showcased and toured to every school participating. A celebration event at Artcore
• Some of the work produced by pupils will also then be selected to be exhibited across the East Midlands, in gallery and non-gallery venues, alongside professional artists as part of the larger project
• The legacy of the project will transcend the learning further via an online website and report, specially made for the project, which will incorporate every element of the project.

Our local communities are rich with cultural diversity, which includes people from a wide range of backgrounds, and community groups such as those who are hard-to-reach, new and emerging communities, BME groups, etc. Artcore is based in Normanton and Arboretum area, which are identified as having vast social difficulties, such as deprivation in income, employment, education, skills and training. Projects such as The Web of Water are focused on tackling these issues. Many of the young people in our local areas are from families who have limited access to these opportunities elsewhere, due to financial or cultural barriers, and therefore would benefit from a project such as this.

Workshops In Schools

Date: Feb 2014 – July 2014 Information to be confirmed. Contact Artcore at

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