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The term ‘graphic novel’ is a relatively new concept of standalone works, adapted from comics where collections of short stories of complex work focusing on the lives of ordinary people in the real world. The term ‘graphic novel’ was intended to distinguish it from the traditional serialized nature of comic books, with which it shared a storytelling medium.
Artists selected will have the freedom to explore the term ‘Graphic Novel’, using it as a vehicle to understand the theme: ‘The Web of Water’ and translate their perspectives. The technique itself opens up areas of exploration through illustrative techniques, format, layout, narrative and content and use of words. We will encourage visual artists to infer their selected mediums (such as digital art, collage, painting, drawing, etc.) into the graphic novel and create individual pieces. This can take various formats: comic books, poster, and story-boards.
We are in talks with potential curators and based on their experience, interest, knowledge of the medium, availability, relevant connections, contacts with artists and presence in the professional arts world, and will appoint the curator for this project.
On the Indian side, Sandhya Gajjar is the curator, she has relevant experience, and existing strong connections with artists and communities in India.

Selection of professionally trained English and Indian artists through an artist call out via various avenues. There is a set desirable criteria for identifying professional artists.
The selected artists will be invited for a two-day introductory workshop which will involve presentations, with examples and information for professional development. The selected artists will have the opportunity to experiment with the technique, and explore ideas. This experience will enlarge the curatorial theme, and help in creating high-quality artwork with a clear understanding of the medium and theme.

The Exhibitions
Professional/trained artists (English and Indian) will offer perspectives on Water and Water Wells, both of which are likely to be very different from each other and therefore of much interest. Artists will create a special kind of artwork, known as the Graphic Novel, an exciting and innovative format, allowing the narrative to be smoothly blended with the visual imagery. The challenge to the selected artists would be to imagine a new narrative with a water theme or work on an existing/traditional one and subvert/re-adapt it to modern times, and then create artwork that can take various formats, e.g comic books, poster, or story-boards. The artworks they create, in the form of Graphic Novels, will form the art exhibitions to be held under this project, thus sharing their work with viewers on this theme. These exhibitions will be held in gallery and non-gallery venues in the East Midlands. The Graphic Novels will specifically offer artists opportunities to explore stories and narratives related to water, both in England and India.
The artworks created will be exhibited in various venues, and showcased in innovative ways to entice and excite the viewer. The design and layout of the exhibition will be worked on by the curator and venue managers exploring new ideas and concepts in terms of presentation and effective viewer engagement.

Art Installations
A part of this project involves opportunity for artists to involve in art installation.
A water-well is an installation. Underground sweet water streams are ‘sourced’ through sophisticated engineering methods, though earlier there were water diviners in the community who could identify the exact spot of an aquifier. The community then dug a well at the spot to access clean and pure drinking water. A well was therefore an architectural installation on earth. Through the Web of Water project, Artcore plans to invite installation artists to create art as site-specific installations in public and gallery spaces.

Blog Sally Pepper Radio Room

BBC Radio Derby – Sally Pepper – The Web Of Water

On 19th November 2013, Sandhya Bordawekar Gajjar (curator of Artcore’s project) went live on BBC Radio Derby – Sally Pepper’s show to talk about The Web of Water. Have a listen at the snippet clip from BBC Radio Derby:

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Blog Artist Residency

Artist Residency

As a part of The Web of Water project, Niharika Dave, a young and talented Indian Artist is visiting Derby UK on a residency programme at Artcore England. She is busy working away, creating sculptures in clay that explore the broad themes related to water. The terracotta pot is the…

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Blog Artists Callout

Artists Callout

Expression of Interest Invited – Artists callout Artcore is encouraging professional artists to offer their perspectives on Water and create artworks in a contemporary and narrative art form, the Graphic Novel. The selected artworks will be exhibited at regional, national and international venues. The Graphic Novels will specifically offer artists…

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Blog BBC Radio Derby

BBC Radio Derby – Satvinder Rana – The Web Of Water

On 1st September 2013, Artcore went live on BBC Radio Derby – Satvinder Rana’s show to talk about The Web of Water project. Have a listen at the snippet clip from BBC Radio Derby:

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Blog The Web Of Water Launch

The Web Of Water Launch

The project was officially launched on 30th August 2013 with a fascinating talk and demonstration by guest speaker Derek Palmer, an important local figure and historian, as well as a practising well-dresser whose family history is intertwined with the custom. He told us about his personal journey through his life…

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