Piyali Ghosh

Piyali Gosh

Piyali Ghosh studied Painting at the Faculty
of Fine Arts, Baroda (MFA: 2006). She has
had 2 Solo Shows in Mumbai (2007), and
New Delhi (2009). Her artworks have been
selected for several prestigious and curated
Group Shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Baroda,
Kolkata, Kochi, and New Delhi in India. She
has also participated in Group Shows in
London and Hong Kong. Her work was part of
the UK Cultural Olympiad Project (2012). She
was invited to a Residency Programme at the
Orlean House Gallery, London (2010).

In my work, the traditional well is juxtaposed
with the modern pump that lifts water. The
work is also a comment on well-water that
is as sweet and life-giving as mother’s milk,
supporting man, fish and plants.