Manjunath H

Manjunath H.

Manjunath H. studied painting at the Ravindrakala
Niketan, Tumkur (Diploma, 2001) and at
Bangalore University (Advanced Diploma,
2006). He won the VVK Oak Award from the
Tilak Smarak Trust, Pune (2002) and has had two
Solo Shows at Bangalore and Baroda. His works
have been selected for many Group Shows in
New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Baroda, Mysore,
Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Chennai, Mangalore, and
Tumkur in India, and in Kuala Lumpur, Washington,
and Dhaka.

In this work I am narrating the present condition
of the Well which remembers the past and
questions the future. I have used the images of the
Kalyani Well (Hoysala period, 13th century, built
with dressed stones having 4-sided or 3-sided
steps along the well’s wall) in Hulikere, Karnataka.
In the past, people offered the Ganga Pooja at the
Kalyani Well, while these days the same Pooja
is offered near the ugly bore-wells. We are now
facing a scarcity of drinking water and fighting
for it. In this way I am expressing the contrast
between the realities of the past and the present.