Janet Turville


Janet is an artist with a background in knitwear
design, who graduated in Fine Art from the
University of Nottingham in 2010. She uses
photographs, films and installations to suggest
a sense of place and to highlight environmental
In 2013 she had her first residency and solo
exhibition, ‘Place Setting’ at The Collection, Lincoln.
She is currently artist in residence at the University
of Nottingham.

All Washed Up – To highlight the worldwide problem
of rubbish collecting in the sea I have photographed
a nearby area of flooded gravel pits. Here, amongst
ancient willow trees I found rubbish washed up as
on a beach. It is an island of rubbish, where remnants
of heavy industry collide with the detritus of the
present. And where there is water, there is wildlife,
which mistakes this litter for food. It appears like the
‘trash vortex’ in the Pacific. A garbage patch said to
cover an area twice the size of Texas. ‘No water, no
life. No blue, no green’ Sylvia Earle, oceanologist