Dianne Illsley

Di Illsley

Dianne Illsley is a practising artist, mainly in drawing,
painting and sculpture, who enjoys collaborating
with writers. A recurring theme is the abstract
figure and its’ associated cognitions and emotions,
particularly in relation to the prehistoric female
idol. Dianne graduated in Fine Art from Nottingham
University in 2012, and went on to win the Djanogly
Summer Exhibition. She divides her time between
Nottingham and Melbourne, Australia.

Salt Tears
This image is part of an ongoing series of paintings
concerning my passion for rediscovered prehistoric
female idols. A narrative has been emerging from
my studies of sailing into the afterlife and other
such ancient commonalities with the contemporary
world. My imaginings have moved me from the
waters of millennia that have carried the pyres, to a
more fundamental water – that of the salt tears of
women across time and culture.
In using media recalling those available to
prehistoric artisans, I am also reflecting on the
notion of the unchanging human spirit, and tears as
the eternal present.