Brighu Sharma

Brighu Sharma studied Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda
(BVA, 2005; MVA, 2008). He received the Nasreen Mohammedi
Scholarship (2007). His work has not only been a part of several
important Group Shows in India but also in numerous Art Fairs at
Busan (Korea), Sosabeol Art Expo (N. Korea), Israel, Paris, Coventry
(UK). He has also been invited to Artists’ Workshops at Santiniketan,
Jaipur and Baroda. He currently teaches at the Fine Arts School at
the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.

This is a folk story from Assam. Once there lived a barber famous for
his exquisite hairstyles. The king also desired to get a haircut from
him. But while cutting the king’s hair, he saw a horn growing on the
back of the king’s head. The king knew it of course and angrily told
the barber not to reveal the secret to anybody. But barbers can rarely
keep secrets! He began to think of who he could possibly share this
with. As he was thinking, he passed by a well. An idea came to him;
he turned around to see if anybody was around and saw only his own
shadow. So looking into the well, he told it the king’s secret and felt
greatly relieved. What he did not notice was a wooden log floating
in the well. It had heard the king’s secret. A few months later, a
carpenter came to the same well to fetch water. He saw the wooden
log floating in the well and pulled it up in his bucket. He crafted a
musical instrument out of it. When he began playing it, everybody
burst out with laughter because the music he played gave only one
sound, ‘raja ke sar par sing hai’ (the king has a horn on his head)!