Art In The Park – Normanton

Artcore organised an event in the Normanton park on the 26th August 2014 Byron park was the celebration of the art in the park section of the web of water project. Family friendly activities were hosted by Artcore, using materials and art mediums such as textiles, paints, fabric paints, block printing, tiling, felt pens and much more to create artworks based around thoughts and ideas involving water. Among special guests that day were the Cabinet member for Leisure and Culture Cllr. Alison Martin and Cllr. Hardyal Dhindsa Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. We hoped to create an informed group of community who understand the larger issues of water availability in today’s world, but also become sensitised to the heritage of water structures in our own regions, how clean water was valued and how architectural structures came to be built around these.

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