The Web Of Water is an international art project presenting different attitudes and takes on water; its use and misuse; and critical importance on Earth. Participants (artists, youth, community) explore ways we relate to water and how water relates to us. Engagement levels are via artistic practice, exhibitions, community participation, historical exploration and environmental discussions.

The project aims to create awareness on the importance of water by exploring the myriad aspects of our life that water touches. It encourages artists to investigate issues related to water and explore them through their artworks. It sensitises participants through arts/ crafts and help tap into their imaginations and through research to discover the cultural traditions of the East Midlands. It looks at the cross-cultural comparison of such heritage traditions, the impact on local communities.

The overall project has three main Sections – Art, Education and Heritage. There are different entry points, such as exhibitions, workshops, artwork installations, research, environmental discussions, talks, film viewings and poster competitions.

HERITAGE: Community Participatory Workshops

An informed group of community who understand the larger issues of water availability in today’s world, but also become sensitised to the heritage of water structures in our own regions and strengthen traditions with proactive participation by the community. This section examines traditional architectural water structures and the heritage of ‘Well-Dressing’ practised in Derbyshire. Through creative participation and activities, create awareness about this regional tradition, rituals and customs related to water, amongst younger generations and the diverse communities residing in Derbyshire. Project activities include visits to Well-dressing sites, talks, presentations and demonstrations by Derbyshire residents. Participatory activities include research, capturing and recording popular legends, through creative and innovative ways.

ART: Art Exhibitions and Installations

Professional artists (English and Indian) offer their perspectives on Water and create artworks in a contemporary and narrative artform, the Graphic Novel in various formats, e.g comic books, poster, story-boards. These artworks form the art exhibitions in gallery and non-gallery venues in the East Midlands.

EDUCATION: Children and Water

Creative engagement activities with school-children, youth groups and young people not in education, employment or training. The project has elements that respond to several broad educational inputs for school-children and young people:
a) The appreciation of local heritage and cultural practices related to water, its use and conservation
b) The appreciation of Water, its life-empowering possibilities, its pollution and the environmental hazards
c) Researching stories, myths and legends associated with water and wells, and transforming those narratives into evocative visual artworks. The final outcome will be displayed in different schools and Artcore gallery