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The Web Of Water Big Show

As part of the project, an exhibition was showcased at Deda including work from local and Indian artists. All stake holders of the project were invited to celebrate its success and achievements. The Web of Water Artists Catalogue was also officially launched and shared. Special Thanks to the English and…

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The Web Of Water Big Show

As a part of the project, participants were encouraged to discover and research their local architectural and cultural heritage related to water, through accessing the materials available as well as in the school library or the Internet to initiate a debate on the need for heritage conservation. Such discussions encouraged…

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The Web Of Water Big Show

As of the project, a sculptural installation was created as a representation of river ways and waterfalls. The collaborative sculpture was a part of the Web of Water project, using fabric and wire to display the free flowing and destructive qualities of water. Artist Heidi Luker has worked on this sculpture…

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